Commercial Property Can Provide Stable, Assured And Measured Growth

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Commercial property can provide stable, assured and measured growth as part of a balanced portfolio. Unlike residential property, the dividends from commercial property would be usually quite high, as it is meant for commercial purpose. There are a lot of benefits in investing in commercial property.

The benefits of a commercial property:

A Significant Asset Class.

The commercial property market is worth over 450 billion in the UK alone and i am sure you can imagine what it is like in other developed and much bigger countries.


Portfolio Diversification.

Investing in commercial property represents a major diversification for your portfolio. Its volatility is very low in comparison to stock market investments and there is no correlation between the performance of commercial property and the stock market.

Predictable Returns.

Because of its low volatility, the returns from commercial property funds are more predictable and stable.

Record Of Healthy Growth.

Over the short, medium and long term, commercial property has outperformed the stock and bond market.

However, before investing in commercial property, you must also be aware of the risk factors also. Just like any other investment, commercial property has got its risks, but with a little bit of careful thought and planning, you can simply overtake those risk factors.

There is less volatility in commercial property market, so the returns are sure, but there is also less liquidity in market demand. Once you have a good tenant, they re usually there for a reasonable duration, but the problem is that for a range of commercial property; up to medium sized premises, the selection is wide and varied with new developments springing up monthly. But there is no need to panic, as the effects of these risk factors are considerably low.

If you are a big investor looking for huge returns, the best of both worlds can be obtained by investing in large government or commercial institutional properties that hold leases for 15 years or more. Here you have the combination of assured tenancy, stable yield growth and high occupancy. This in turn maintains the capital value of the property itself. If you re convinced, then now would be the time to get that cheque book out and invest your $50 million or $100 million. If, like most private investors, that s a little beyond your current scope, then the optimum approach is to consider investing into a commercial property fund.

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