Taser Laws In The State Of Illinois

By Joseph Pressley

With the need of people for safety, the TASER device was designed. It is one of the self defense devices being used today because it can release volts of electricity through the probes attached that can incapacitate an assailant. With the effects of this stunning device you can have the chance to run and ask for assistance for people with authority to capture or subdue the suspect. It gives you the ability to defend yourself anytime and anywhere.

However there are certain TASER laws that must be followed by the owner. These laws can vary from one country to another and even from one state to another. In the place of Chicago, Illinois, they have specific TASER laws that are distinct from other states. These laws must be followed if you are a resident of the state in order to prevent getting into trouble with the law and will just cause you to make some offenses. There are two things that you need to remember. First of all, they only legalize the use of TASER at home and in a principal place of business.

It is a an effective self defense device at home because you can never tell that attackers can attack you while you are sleeping at your bed or while you are talking with your kids in the bedroom. The fact is anything can happen and you can never tell when the assailants will do their job. That is why if you need extra protection to protect your loved ones and property at home, owning a TASER device would be recommended.


When you have your own business, it can attract customers and at the same time burglars. Your store is a very tempting place for burglars to get what they need when it comes to money or different kinds of property with value. To defend your store and also yourself as an owner, you can always have a stunning device with you like a TASER which is legal in Illinois if used in a place of business.

The second important requirement in the state of Illinois is to have a license for carrying this kind of device. There is an application that needs to be filled up to get an FOID card or Firearms Owner’s Identification Card. You need to answer several questions and a payment to process your card and this will give you the authority to legally use the TASER at your own home and even at your place of business.

These are the two important points that you need to remember if you live in Illinois and you want to own a self defense device like a TASER. First of all, you must know the places where you can only use it. According to the TASER laws of the state, you can have it at your own home and business. The second thing that you must remember is that before you can carry it with you in your own home and business; you still need to apply for a license at the Illinois State Police.

About the Author: Joseph Pressley is a certified TASER instructor and a Tae Kwon Do black belt and a father of two. He is the co-founder of BestStunGun.com which provides the best selection of personal stun guns and pepper mace for self defense. To learn more on how these products can save your life, please visit http://www.beststungun.com.

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