The Greatest Weight Loss Secret In The World Cannot Be Bought, Sold, Or Even Given Away

By Darryl Kimiball

There is a group of people who have defied all of the government studies regarding weight loss, all of the news reports and the TV fitness equipment commercials, and possibly even widespread public opinion. So what did they do to defy all of these people, companies, and institutions? They did something that took off the exess body weight, they developed the lean, fit, muscular bodies that they wanted, and they have maintained their success for years!

Why do I say that they defied all of these different entities? Well, if we studied the print media, television, weight loss and fitness advertising, and even the government studies we would at least on the surface have to conclude that it is just not possible to lose weight and keep it off permanently. When was the last time you heard a news report that started off “A new study shows that almost everyone who loses weight, keeps it off permanently.” No I think the news reports are much more negative than that.


Another assumption that we would have to make is that it is not possible to lose weight without spending money first, or more accurately without spending a lot of money first. I believe that vast amounts of Americans and people in the western world have been mentally conditioned to believe this. How can I make such a statement? Who pays for those round the clock TV commercials for the weight loss pills, the diet food, the home gyms, and fitness equipment, and ridiculous ab machines on late night TV. It’s not the companies paying for those commercials, it’s the people buying those products with the hope that it is going to make them lose weight, who are paying for those commercials. Yet they continue to run 24/7.

But there is a group of people, I don’t know how large, that either by accident, natural means, or trial and error, learned of a simple, almost fool proof way to permanently lose weight and develop the fit, lean, muscular body they wanted. Furthermore, they learned that it cost little to no money, and it allows them to turn a deaf ear to most of the diet and weight loss hype that’s spewed out all day every day in this country and around the western world.

So what is this secret weight loss method that is free, and in fact can’t be bought, sold, or given away? It is a habit, a workout habit, an exercise habit, a working your body habit! You see I’m afraid that most people are busy looking for the easy way, the qick way, the effortless way to lose weight and get in shape. But as long as they seek this type of weight loss they will only find the difficult way, because it almost never works.

Develop a simple workout habit that you love. Give it time to become a habit. Give yourself time to fall in love with it. Develop a workout habit that you love, and you will change the shape and weight of your body forever. Awesome!

About the Author: Darryl Kimball is a full time commercial helicopter pilot and home fitness enthusiast. Darryl is the author of The Body Habit, “The No Time, No Motivation, Stay at Home but still Lose Weight and Get Fit Workout, for Smart People.” You can learn more by visiting,


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