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When you are deciding to send a gift basket the most important step is deciding which gift basket company to use. Using a fly by night gift basket company can result in a gift basket that is cheap-looking, has shoddy construction and inedible or unusable contents. If you select a reputable gift basket company then you can be assured that both you and your gift recipient will most likely end up with a gift selection that you can both be happy about. There are certain characteristics that will help you in selecting a gift basket company and ending up with a gift selection that you can be proud of and one that your gift recipient will appreciate and cherish for a long time to come. Here are some factors when choosing a gift basket company-

In today’s market there are several quality oriented gift basket companies. Most of these gift basket companies offer convenient online shopping. For these companies creating fabulous gift baskets is their specialty. Their sole purpose is sourcing the world market for specialty foods, gift items, baskets and other interesting containers. When using one of these companies you can be assured that you will be ordering a quality product. At they pride themselves on offering their customers a wide range of gift baskets that carry gourmet offerings in unique and special containers.


Look for gift basket companies that use professional gift basket designers who are skilled at crafting creative collections of fine food and gifts into unique quality containers. These designers should also be expert at custom wrapping and decoration. It is important to look for companies who use these professional finishing touches. This makes all the difference in the look and presentation of your gift basket. Keep in mind that it should look as good on the outside as it does on the inside! When considering an online gift basket company, there are several, very important items to note. Does their site display clear photos of their creations? Are there photos of wrapped and finished gift baskets? Is there a content listing of all items that are included for each specific basket? It is important to avoid sites with fuzzy descriptions and unclear photos. These types of sites are confusing at best and immediately set the stage for serious disappointment. At you will find a beautifully laid out site with clear pictures of each gift basket along with a content listing for each one.

When considering any online gift basket site you should also ask the following questions- 1.Is their site consumer friendly and easy to navigate? 2.Can you order online? If so, does their site offer secure online shopping for credit card payment? Do they list the name of the secure site encryption company they employ? 3.Does their website clearly state their specific policies? 4.Can you reach them by telephone? Are their staffers polite and friendly on the phone? Do they go out of their way to help you select a gift? Are they able to customize your selection quite easily? Do they establish a clear working budget with you and respect your budget?

You should also be wary of free shipping offers or large discounts which appear too good to be true. As with any retail purchase, they usually are just that! Building in hidden costs is an old retail tactic which many gift basket companies still employ today. Ask yourself how many stores or online sites have you noticed which continuously offer sales or discounts? The only way any business can do this is by inflating or hiding their actual costs. The bottom line is if it seems to good to be true or any red flags are raised keep looking!

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