Education Boosts The Economy Of Pune

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Pune is Oxford of the East. They offer best education in the place. They also have best place to stay for their students

Pune is located in Maharashtra. It is 150 kilometers from the southeast part of Mumbai. It is considered the cultural capital of Mahashtra also. This city has a growing economic activity with big thanks to the growing student population. They have booming sectors not just for educational institutes but also hotel industries, consultancies, travel and tourism, and insurances.

Since this city is known for its booming educational institution, they are called the Oxford of the East or the Oxford of India. The real Oxford is a premiere university in the United States.

They have several colleges and educational institutions that offer the best educational services in India. Many foreigners even enroll in these schools. The growing student population makes the city s nightlife more lively and vibrant. Many establishments mushroomed nearby to cater to these students. One will find a row of restaurants, shopping malls, laundry services and dormitory rooms for rent.


The educational institutions offered in the Pune are Symbiosis, DYPatil, BVP, VIT, MIT and many more. These are colleges with a large number of students. They offer simply the world class education that parents are looking for their kids. This makes the city s economy boom and that includes not only the real estates sector where students stay, it also includes the retail sectors.

Students are mostly economical since they are not earning for themselves yet. To save on money, many of them opt to rent lodgings with a group of friends or classmates. They divide the rental costs equally among themselves. This beats living on their own. They also share expenses for utility bills.

When talking about the accommodations of Pune, it ranges from five star hotels to guesthouses and paying guest hotels. The best for the students are the paying guest visitors. This offers them cheaper prices for their long stay in the place.

Hotels in Pune cover a large number. All of them come in a suiting budget price for all types of visitors. You can have a relaxing stay in these hotels without worrying about your money because they are sure that they can satisfy your need on your visit.

Some hotel recommendations here would be Sun-N-Sand, The Sagar Plaza, Le Meridien, Regency, Pride Hotel, Aurora Towers, and Taj Blue Diamond.

The most common all over India is the Pride Hotel. This is known all over the country. The Regency is also internationally reputed, and more people trust these names for accommodation. They provide not just nice place to stay but also modern amenities that visitors are looking for.

The guesthouses are also offering cheap prices for their visitors. These are the place for those who are in tight budget. They offer almost the same things that the hotels offer. They even have easy access to the various parts of the city because they are in the center of the city. So whatever you want to do in the city can be as a single ride.

The paying guest accommodations are the places for the ones who want to stay in Pune for quiet a longer time. These are best for student. More students and workers that work in Pune choose this as their second home because this is where they find peace.

What are you waiting for, if you are a student or a vacationer, choose from these accommodations and enjoy Pune.

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