How To Know He’s All Yours? Signs He’s Committed To You

Trying to read a man’s mind is a bit of a journey into the deepest levels of frustration. Men are a puzzle to women. They tend to hold their hearts very close to their vests and they don’t often talk about the future the way we wished they did. We have to rely on our own, somewhat misguided, instinct to know what he’s feeling at specific times. It’s challenging, particularly if you feel unsure about whether he’s as intensely devoted to you as you are to him. You want to know if he’s all yours. You’ve asked him and his answer is always the same, “yes,” or “of course.” If you want something more tangible as proof that he’s committed to you, there are a few behavior signs you need to be on the lookout for.

Here’s a quick list of signs that a man is committed to you:

Other women completely fall off his radar.


Most of us have dated at least one man who seemed to have a very short attention span when another woman was in the room. It’s so disheartening to be talking to a man you really feel connected to only to discover his eyes are wandering past you to a beautiful woman who just entered the room. One telling way to know if a man is all yours is he’ll be so focused on you that he won’t notice anyone else in the room at all. This is something you can test the next time you two are in a crowded restaurant. Keep your eyes on him and watch what or who he fixates on.

Nothing gets in the way of him seeing you.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that nothing stands in the way of your guy making time to see you as often as possible. If he promises that you two are going to have dinner this evening and he follows through, that’s a great sign. On the other hand, if he consistently calls at the last minute to break plans, you’re more of a back up to him. A man who is doing this is not feeling committed to the woman in question, at all.

You are an important part of his inner circle.

Have you ever dated a man who seemed to want to keep you separate and removed from the rest of his life? It’s happened to most women at some point. A man who feels committed to a woman wants to immerse her completely in his life. He wants her to know his friends, and he loves when she spends time with his family. This is actually one of the best ways to tell whether or not he’s yours.

If he loves you, he’ll make it clear by making his life an open book and he’ll be excited to talk about the future that you two are going to build together. You may have to read a bit between the lines to find the answers you’re seeking, but if you love him, it’s more than worth any amount of effort you need to invest.

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