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The number of people going to labs to get a blood test has been reduced now in the wake of covid-19 Pandemic. As per our results more patients are opting for home blood sample collection and covid -19 tests. Many patients are postponing their routine tests to control the spread of coronavirus.

These changes have caused addon scans and labs to adopt a new practices and technologies that enable patients to perform their blood sample collection and covid-19 tests while safe at home.

A positive option where we interact with patients and clinical trial participants while they are safe at home, that has increased the demand forhome blood testand Covid-19 testing.

Get Covid-19 and Health tests at addon scans and labs

Now the Covid 2nd wave has presented India’s healthcare community with an unparalleled challenge.

Coronavirus disease is a communicable disease that causes severe respiratory illness. This new coronavirus strain has a variety of effects on various persons. Most persons who are sick will experience mild to moderate symptoms and may not require hospitalisation.

We addon scans and labs are continuously adapting new practices as Covid care at home at affordable costs packages personalized to help patients recover safely in comfort of home.

Different types of covid-19 tests at addon scans and labs:

  1. RT-PCR Tests: Commonly called as Molecular test. It’s a technique for detecting the presence of a virus in a sample. This helps to detects the virus RNA, which is the genetic material of the virus. And these are also referred as diagnostic test and (NAAT)- Nucleic acid amplification test. This test helps to diagnose the active covid infection whether the test is positive or negative
  2. Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test: Rapid Antigen antibody test, is a new type of diagnostic which are approved by Indian Council of Medical Research for test result and for fast recognition of the virus that causes COVID-19 in patients. The speed of this test provides results within 15 to 30 minutes. These tests results are accurate and does not need any reconfirmation. It is simple to conduct and does not need any specialized machines and helps in early detection
  3. Covid-19 Antibody tests: It is also known as Serology test, or serology blood tests. These are the are screening tests for COVID-19 antibodies in your blood. It helps in recognizing if you were previously infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. This helps to checks whether your immune system has responded to the infection.
  4. D – Dimer: It is a fibrin breakdown product that is frequently used to measure and analyse clot formation. During covid-19 pandemic D-dimer levels have been associated with disease strictness and mortality trends. As per results, covid-19 patients who are experiencing critical forms of this disease that progress to severe pneumonia, hypoxia, and respiratory failure, all of which will require supportive care and supplemental oxygen. D-dimer testing can be of assistance during the treatment of COVID-19 patients which helps in decision making process.
  5. IL-6 Tests: Since the beginning of the disease, clinical laboratories have rushed to bring new COVID-19 diagnostic tests to patients. But as similar flareup in prognostic tests like IL-6 has not occurred as yet, but hopefully this will change and continue to develop. IL-6 is effective and readily implementable test that can help in providing proper patient Management.

Focusing on importance of healthcare, understanding the need of making the diagnostic services at this crucial time, addon scans and labs offers convenience of Home blood sample and covid-19 tests.

Get tests at your door step-Safety assured from addon scans and labs:

addon scans and labs provides a door step safety assured Home blood samples collection and covid-19 tests from comfort of your home. We deliver:

  1. Access reports online via Mail and app
  2. Quick reports
  3. NABH accreditation ensures patient safety & quality report
  4. Accurate results
  5. Prompt response and Guidance.

addon scans and Labs are best in-home blood sample collection and covid -19 tests for patients in a most safety way and with extreme guidance. Visit addon scans and Labs located near Sarjapur road Bangalore or you can just call us at +91 9900811118 to get blood sample collection and covid-19 test for you and your loved ones .


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