The Safety Of Using Recycled Wooden Pallets


It seems like every business is looking to go a little green in order to help the environment and attract customers who only patronize businesses that are proactive at protecting natural resources. With wooden pallet production using a vast amount of wood each year, it makes sense that suppliers of wooden pallets in Atlanta would offer recycling options. But how safe is a recycled pallet? Can it perform the same job functions as a newly manufactured pallet? Are there any safety risks to using recycled pallets? Below is some basic info about using recycled pallets, including safety and cost savings.

Completely Refurbished Pallets

Recycling is the process of taking one material and turning it into something new. Recycling centers recycle aluminum and create other aluminum products from old soda cans or aluminum scrap. The same is true for wooden pallets. In Atlanta, you can find companies who specialize in not only manufacturing new pallets but recycling old ones.

When a company gets a delivery of older pallets, the employees of the company take the pallet and completely refurbish it into something strong and durable for future use. New wood replaces worn wood, the pallet is strengthened with strong fasteners, and it’s treated to prevent damage from wear and tear.

Recycled Pallets Graded for Use

No company that sells wooden pallets in Atlanta expects a recycled pallet to provide the exact same strength and durability as a brand new pallet. That’s why when you order recycled pallets you’re given a grade for strength. The company will tell you how much weight the pallets can hold and which jobs the pallets will perform well. This reduces the risk of using the pallets incorrectly and helps you feel confident with your pallets.

Recycled Pallets Save You Money

The initial investment for new pallets is expensive. The cost of using recycled pallets is much less, and these pallets can probably perform most of the work you need. Because you’re not paying for brand new wood, you can greatly reduce your overhead costs by relying on recycled pallets for your business. When buying wooden pallets in Atlanta, always speak with the customer service agent to fully understand how well their recycled pallets hold up and the process in which they recycle the pallets. This will let you know if a recycled pallet is right for your business.

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