Your Truck, Business And You Need Truck Insurance

Submitted by: Patricia Gabbett

Even bicycles need to be insured, what more for big vehicles like trucks? Trucks are normally used for commercial purposes like delivering of goods in short or long distance and in small or large fleets.

If you are an owner-operator of trucks, you know already the process of getting truck insurance. But take a second thought; the company where you are getting your insurance may not be the best auto insurance company out there.

First, consider a company that specializes in truck insurance rather than a non-specialist because the first knows the specific needs of truck owner-operator and the nitty-gritty of motor-carrier requirements in various states such as load limits and acts faster in case of accidents. Delaying investigations is not done by truck insurance specialists even if it is in the wee hours of the day.

So how then can truck-owner operators find the best truck insurance? There is a very convenient way to find and compare policies. This is through getting online auto quotes from different auto insurance companies’ website. Just take a time in your office or home to sit in front of the computer and search for truck insurance companies. Look specifically for companies that insure trucks related to your business.


Narrow down your choices. To make web surfing easier, include your geographical location to see what companies are registered in your state. There is really no excuse not finding the best one. Remember though that it is still best to negotiate with companies who have good reputation in the auto insurance industry and financially stable.

Once you’ve chosen a policy from a particular company which has a good coverage and reasonable rate, don’t fail to read what is written in the policy. It would be better if you personally talk with an agent so you can ask questions or let him explain the provisions in the insurance that you cannot understand.

Because of the nature of your business, you cannot take things for granted. The cheapest rate may not be the best catch. Price is not the min consideration but the coverage. You are not only insuring the truck but also the cargoes. There are just too many things to consider especially your transporting cargoes to different states. Auto insurance laws differ in every state.

There are many types of trucks for varied purposes. But the basic truck insurance coverage it will cover damage to the truck to the owner and other driver, damage to the cargoes, terminal coverage, etc. Consider the different types of coverage such as bonds, cargo, bobtail, property, garage liability, warehouse legal, physical damage, general liability, equipment floater, trailer interchange, garage keeper’s legal, worker’s compensation, and commercial auto liability.

It can be an ordeal to find the best truck insurance but wouldn’t it be more inconvenient to deal with the consequences later of being underinsured that can wreak havoc to your finances? Give special attention to your truck insurance. As long as you are in the trucking industry, you have to deal with it no matter what.

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