Adult Adhd Symptoms: Two Sides To Focus}

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One persons focus is another persons distraction, and you really need to take this into consideration when youre talking about being able to focus, or not focus, with Adult ADHD symptoms.

There are really two sides to focus with Adult ADHD, and more than one way to go about learning to focus better with ADHD symptoms…

We really need to see which one of these sits the best with you and your particular ADHD symptoms.

There are two things people with Adult ADHD should ask themselves. Do you want to be more focused on the things that are normally a distraction, the things that you procrastinate on–or would you rather just not have to do them at all?

I think a lot of times with Adult ADHD symptoms, focus issues occur, projects get dropped off, and things get left undone because of the fact that youre working on things that youre not interested in. Boredom is seriously a big deal for people with Adult ADHD symptoms.


When youre not interested in something, no matter how hard you try to focus, someone with ADHD symptoms can’t necessarily just make themselves be be interested in something.

It becomes natural that once your interest level decreases, so does your activity, and therefore, your frustration can increase because you leave a project undone, you move to the next thing, youre distracted, or you make a pile. (Making “piles” of stuff all over the house is a big indication of Adult ADHD symptoms!)

The thing about focus is, when you want to focus, youve got to be focusing on the things that you really are interested in doing.

Now, one of the things we’ve talked about a lot is how people with Adult ADHD can “outsource” the things they can’t focus on to other people, using some kind of exchange–payment or barter. However, we do realize that alot of people with Adult ADHD are going to say,

“Okay, great, but Tellman and Stephanie, I cant just get everything done by outsourcing my entire life. Im not at that place. I cant do it financially, there are just some things that I have to get through. I have to pay the bills. I have to take out the garbage–ADHD symptoms or no.”

Those are the two sides to focus, when youve got to focus on the things that kind of stink, but you absolutely have to anyway. Now, everyone with Adult ADHD CAN learn to focus even on things they don’t like. However, it’s good to understand that in the long run, while its great be able to turn focus on and off on demand, you really want to be developing your natural interests, that youre able to focus on like crazy.

There are all sorts of different subjects, concepts, ideas, hobbies, and areas of interest that people with Adult ADHD symptoms have all around the world. And when we’re thinking about THOSE things, well then people with Adult ADHD can focus better than anyone around them. They can focus exclusively for hours on end.

Thats what we call hyper-focus, when the Adult ADHD brain becomes so focused that you dont notice anything else around you. Some people might say youre spacing out. Youre not spacing out. Youre totally focused like a laser on whatever youre thinking about. Because youre interested

in it.

The fact is though, its not really an issue of the topic. This kind of focus is something that you taught yourself, unknowingly–how to turn the hyper-focus on whenever youre engaged in this particular topic.

But what if you could then learn to turn that hyper-focus on when you need to? What if someone with Adult ADHD symptoms could get their brain firing into focus and turn it on the second they wanted to, for any task?

Woudn’t that be amazing? You’d be like a superhero, with the super-ability of being able to focus like a laser on anything, anytime.

The truth is, its completely learnable, and that is just one of the things we teach people with Adult ADHD everyday in our program. To find out how to switch your natural ADHD symptoms of “hyper-focusing” over to anything you want, see below!

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