Crm : Benefits}

CRM : Benefits



With the ever-increasing competition in the hospitality industry, to stay a cut above the rest requires innovative solutions and creative thinking. Quality of services offered in any establishment in the field is a benchmark to judge the popularity with the customers. Management of the customer base can be streamlined to a great extent by Customer Relationship Management (CRM). While the traditional methods of handling customer relations are time-proven and effective, the need of the hour is to digitally manage the relationship that an establishment has with its customers. Gradually, with more people in the hospitality industry realizing benefits of CRM, software solutions for CRM are in great demand.

Offered as a bundled-up package with no hidden costs, CRM software provides the following benefits

Full customization.

Complete automation, if required. The level of automation to be used in any establishment depends upon the owner concerned. While smaller establishments can easily make do with a lesser amount of automation level, it is the big players that usually require complete automation of all processes.


Secureness of data assured with the help of IP restrictions and Audit Logs.

Details of all customers whether existing or potential are combined into a single comprehensive database.

CRM usage takes into consideration myriad sources for collecting customer data. Such sources include both online and offline resources, such as direct e-mails, calls, feedback forms, surveys, social media and marketing materials.

CRM solutions makes use of certain predetermined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to gain information as to which processes are working to their optimum level and which require further tweaking.

Workflows and Macros enable all members of the same team to be fully aware of the latest developments. With a glitch-free synchronisation of processes, all are in the loop, so to speak.

Available on-the-go and easily accessible with iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

Updates and alerts are delivered in real time, straight to the mobile phone of the owner of the establishment.

Leads are overseen at each step. Information on leads provided by the sales and marketing teams is entered into the database, with reminders scheduled for follow-up as well. Conversion of leads to actual customers is monitored at all times, thereby ensuring that no leads are lost owing to negligence at any stage.

Available as cloud-based software on the user-friendly MS Windows platform, CRM can easily be operated without any prior training.

With CRM software installed, there is a noticeable improvement in the synchronicity of all processes. With everything under control, the ambience within the establishment radiates comfort and belongingness. Happy customers are regular customers. A win-win situation for all around!


For the owner of an establishment in the hospitality industry, developing customer relationship is an area of concern. With crm software features in Hyderabad, power-packed with all benefits of CRM, maintaining the existing customers and converting leads into patrons is a veritable cakewalk. Tie Win is a trusted name where it comes to affordable CRM solutions for all.

Tie Win online is a business product that helps a company in managing their customers. Customer relationship management system or CRM application empowers by giving a completely rounded view of your clientele. Online CRM management compiles data from e-mail, telephone, social media, website, marketing materials and live chats; which is then collated and analysed with a customer relationship management system. CRM database applications also have a customer management app.

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