Which Isuzu Npr Is Best?

August, 2016 byadmin

Many people in Texas love the Isuzu NPR. It is a quality made box truck designed to work hard and perform well over the years. In fact, you could be looking at an Isuzu NPR for sale soon and you will have to make a major decision. Do you get the gasoline engine or the diesel? This decision should not be undertaken lightly and here are some pros and cons you may want to consider.

Both Trucks Look the Same

No matter which engine you choose you will enjoy the same dependable features. For example, the interiors are identical (except for the gauges) and there are no major differences in the truck chassis and frames. In fact, when you compare the two trucks side by side, they look the same. Yet, it’s what under the hood that makes the difference.


The Gasoline Engine is Back

For a few years, the company discontinued gasoline engines but they decided to bring them back in 2012. If you get the chance to test drive both engines, you will notice some differences between the two.


When you look at the Isuzu NPR for sale in Texas you’ll want to test drive it. As you soon as you start the engine on the gasoline model you’ll hear a difference. It is considerably quieter than its diesel counterpart. However, the diesel Eco-Max is very quiet for a diesel motor.

Acceleration and Ride

The gasoline engine accelerates smoothly and has very good power. The ride is basically the same between the two models. In other words, all the great features like handling, steering and comfort are the same no matter what engine you choose.

Which Engine to Buy?

It’s really a matter of personal preference but economy is also an issue. You will get better fuel mileage from the energy efficient diesel motor. In fact, some fleet managers report as much as a 50 percent improvement over older models. This can make a huge difference if your trucks log a great deal of miles each work day. Over the course of a year it can be substantial.

As you check out a new Isuzu NPR for sale in Texas, you’ll enjoy the wide view of the road and great visibility no matter which engine you choose. The six speed automatic overdrive transmission is easy to drive. Both motors are rated slightly under 300 horsepower (297).

Do your vehicles get a lot of miles each year, besides fuel economy, diesel motors are better for long hauls and increased wear. However, they cost about five thousand dollars more, so if you make short deliveries and do not drive a lot of miles, then the gasoline engine (with its added pep) could be the right choice.

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